Goddess Serum


The Goddess Serum is a soothing and nourishing skincare serum.

The fast-absorbing serum can be used daily during your morning or night care. Feel free to also use it in between to give your skin some extra attention. Apply a small amount and gently work it into your skin. You can use it underneath or on top of your regular skincare products or be used by itself.  
Spread the leftover from your hands on the inside of your forearms, so that the essential oils can enter your blood stream and their active substances can penetrate and improve your cells. Finally cup your hands in front of your nose and take some deep inhalations for maximum effect. Smile and thank mother nature for her blessing. 

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100 ml 

The Goddess Serum is a soothing and nourishing skincare serum. Moisturizing oils and essential oils will pamper your skin with powerful plant-based ingredients. No synthetics added